Unieke handtas
VHL Design


Buy unique handbags from VHL Design, FSP or Jangi

Want to complete your outfit with a new handbag? At The Spirit of Bruges, you can buy unique handbags in all colours and sizes. On the one hand, these are bags that I have designed and made myself. A leather handbag from my collection is available in a sporty, a loose and a sleek model. The trademark of my brand is the vintage touch I add to the handbags.

On the other hand, I sell handbags from the brands FSP and Jangi. Both brands are South African, although Jangi also has a department in Spain. FSP’s handbags contain skins of different types of South African animals, including zebras and springboks. Jangi’s products are trendy and can be used in both winter and summer. By the way, Jangi’s collection also includes jewellery.

All bags at -50% until out of stock!